Work with Workspaces in Repozix

Workspaces can be used to view your work in ways that reflect your organization.

What is a workspace

Once you have hundreds of reports and datasources in your account, it becomes necessary to organize them to make sure time is not wasted on trying to find a specific report or datasource.
In Repozix, you have overall control on how you organize your resources (reports, datasources) thanks to the use of tags or labels. So you can give one or more labels to each resource you have and then these labels will be used to group the resources together as part of a workspace.
This gives you the maximum flexibility in how you decide to manage your workspaces.

How to create a workspace

  1. Go to your Reports or Datasources view, in your home console.
  2. Select the edit button 🖊️ on the right and add one or more labels.
  3. You have two options to use these labels:
    • Filter your resources by selecting a value in the Filter top right dropdown.
    • Go to your Workspaces and select a label value, this will bring you all the reports and datasources that have this label.

Common Questions

How can I delete a workspace?

Just remove the label from all the resources where it is used and the workspace linked to that label will disappear.