Use custom-domains in Repozix

Setting a custom-domain is a very important white-labelling feature which will allow you to share reports using your own domain name.


In addition to the white-labelling features that we have, you can set a custom domain name on your Repozix profile settings. This will replace on the reports that you will be sharing with your clients with your own domain name.
This feature was implemented using modern technologies, so the setup is done in only two steps detailed below and it will only take 1 minute to setup.

How to setup custom domains

The process is done in two steps:

  • Login to your DNS provider e.g Cloudflare, GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google Domains etc. and create a record of type CNAME with the value of your choosing (reports, dashoboards, reporting, …etc) and under Destination/Target, point it to
  • Set your domain in your profile settings at the bottom right so it is recognized by Repozix.

Repozix - set custom domain

This is it. We promised it was going to be easy and straightforward and we hope that you share this opinion.

Now just share your reports with your clients using the two options we have to share reports:

  • From the reports page, just click on the green Share button.

    Repozix - share a report

  • From the Report Editor, click on the share icon, on the top left actions menu.

    Repozix - share a report

In both cases, you will get the same link for the report with your domain name.