Create Unique Reports in Repozix

White-labelling features help users create unique reports for their clients, by using custom colours and fonts to reflect their clients preferences.


You can create unique reports using Repozix, not only by leveraging all the integrations we have and the hundredres of metrics and dimensions associated with them. But also by customizing the look and feel of your report, especially colours and fonts.

White-labelling Features

Change Theme

A theme defines the look and feel of your report, it can be set on a report or account level. By default a black theme is associated with newly created reports. Albeit, this default theme can be changed from the user’s Profile.

Repozix - default theme

Custom Themes

If the predefined themes are not satisfactory for you, then you can create and save your own theme, which you can make your default theme. To create a custom theme go to the Report Editor, on the top left options menu, select the third option from the right. You can read “Cutomize your Theme” when you hover over it.

Under the Edit tab , the following options can be set and previewed:

  • Background: this is the report background.
  • Widget background.
  • Widget content.
  • Widget text.
  • Font family: this option will be applied on the report level.
  • Palette: a list of colours that will be used when a data element uses a dimension other than time.

From the Save tab, you can save this theme for later use or to make it your default theme.

Repozix - create a new theme

A logo is associated with each report. It usually reflects the identity of the company that created the report or the client for whome the report is made.
It is situated in the bottom right corner of a report.

Repozix - report logo
A logo can be changed on a report level by going to the Report Editor, then on the top left options menu, select the second option from the right. You can read “Report Logo” when you hover over it. You can also set a logo on a profile level from the user’s Profile.
Repozix - change logo

Widget Colours

For Number widget, you can change its colour and background from the Data Elements tab.

Repozix - number widget colours

For the other widgets (line, bar, area, …), you can change the colour of the data element but not the background colour.

Repozix - area widget colour

For widgets that use a dimension other than time, colours for the different dimension values are chosen from the theme’s palette.
In this example, the dimension has two values so the first two colours from the palette are assigned to these values. In the palette, you can define up to 7 colours.

Repozix - palette colours


You can change the font of a report by modifying its theme. This will affect all the widgets on the report irrespective of their type.

Repozix - change font