Manage Users in Repozix

User management allows account admins to add new users to their account and manage their access.


Repozix is built for businesses with different sizes, so it can be used by teams or individual users.
This can be managed by the account owner, i.e. the user who first created the acocunt. The owner can invite other users to join his account and he can control their access.

How to invite users to my account

The process to invite your team members is straight forward:

  1. Go to User Management view, which you can access under Settings from the left navigation.
  2. Click on + New User and fill in the email and role of the new user.
  3. Inform the user, and they will get an email which will allow them to create an Repozix account and get the assigned role.

Levels of Access

By giving each user a role, you can manage the access they will have to the account. This is a recap of the roles we have on Repozix

Handle Billing
Manage Users
Edit resources
Read only


This role is given to the user that creates the account on our platform. This role can later on be given to another user.
In a nutshell, this role has access to everthing related to the account including Plans & Billing.


Will have access to view and edit all resources in the account as well as manage users (add and remove). The only thing that cannot be done is to manage Plans & Billing.


Will be able to only view and edit resources in the account.


Will be able to only view resources in the account.

Common Questions

Can I invite a user who already has an account in Repozix?

No, the user has to delete his personal account in Repozix, from here by going to or from his home console by clicking on Settings and then User Management

If I am the owner of my company’s account and I am leaving the company, what should I do?

You can assign another user as the owner of the Repozix account and then they can remove your account.

Can I grant access to a only a specific report?

No, for now access is managed on an account level, so whatever access a user has it will be applied to all the resources (reports, datasources, templates) in that account.