Manage Templates in Repozix

Checkout how you can use templates to bootstrap your report creation process and gain more time.

What is a template

This is a report that is not connected to any specific datasources. A template would have one or many data element creators that will be replaced when it is used to create a report.
Templates are very useful because they allow you to start creating your reports using one of our public templates. These reports can be changed and customized based on user preference and then saved as private templates which you can use with different clients/datasources.

How to use a template

Create a report

  1. When you create a report, choose the option Use a Template or naviagte to the Templates page, by clicking on Templates in the left navigation.
  2. Check the list of available templates and click on Preview to make sure the selected report is what you need.
  3. To view further details of a template, click on View in Report Editor 👉, here you can check the details and structure of the template. Checkout what metrics and dimensions are used, what data element creators you need,…etc.
  4. If you decide to use this template, click on Use Template from within a template in the report editor or click on a template name from the list of templates.
  5. Fill in the needed information, Report Name, Date Range, and select the Datasources to create your new report by replacing the Data Element Creators.

Map data element creators to widgets

It can be hard to map the different data element creators to their widgets in a template. Especially if the template was not created by us. This is why you can visualize the widgets where each data element creator is being used.

Repozix - data element creators in a template

In the template above, we have three different data element creators. It is very hard to know where each data element creator will be used in the report below.

Repozix - widgets in a template

The first method, is to open the template in the Report Editor, and then checking the data element creator used in each widget. This can be cumbersome and error-prone especially in templates with multiple of pages.

image repozix check data element creators

The second method is by clicking on a data element creator, this will open up the same template with the widgets that use the data element creator highlighted in red.

image repozix check data element creators

Data element creators in overview mode

Widgets that are in overview mode are special in Repozix. Because for a specific level of granularity, many elements can be selected.
This is why they have dedicated data element creators when the report is tranformed into a template.
These data element creators are tagged with Overview Mode.

Repozix - data element creator in overview mode

How to create a template

Let’s say that you have spent time creating the perfect report for your Facebook Ads clients. The last thing you want after all this hard work, is to do the same thing for each client you have. With Repozix, you can create your own templates in a click of a button and use this template to create as many reports as you want.

The process is easy and straightforward:

  • From the reports view in your console, choose the right report that you want to templatize. If you are not sure, use the Preview button to view your report and make sure it is the right one.
  • Click on green button Templatize and give your template a name and a creator to make sure you recognize it later on.
  • Go to the templates view, and find your template in the Your templates tab.