How To Connect An Integration

Discover the available integrations at Repozix and how they can be used to get datasources.

Repozix - integrations

What is an integration

In Repozix, an integration is a platform that can be used to retrieve data to create reports. An non-exhaustive list of the integrations we have for now is listed below

Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Facebook Page,...etc

Check the full list of our integrations at: Repozix Integrations.

How to connect an integration

This is the most important question for a lot of our clients, and fortunately the process is very easy:

  1. Go to the home page of your account by logging in or signing up.
  2. Go to the Connect page, by either clicking on Connect in the home page or from the left navigation.
  3. Select an integration from this list and click on the Connect button.
  4. Follow the steps to grant Repozix access to your account.
  5. At the end, select one or more clients from the dropdown list and click on Submit.

Now what?

You can relax now, get a coup of tea and we will help you make millions of dollars 🤑.
I wish we had such powers 🙁. Back to reality and enough with wishful thinking.

Repozix allows you to manage your datasources:

  • View your datasources on the Datasources page which you can access from here or by clicking on Datasources from the left navigation.
  • The type of the datasource is indicated by the small icon of the integration next to its name.
  • Labels can be edited by clicking on the pencil ✏️ in the extreme right of the screen.
  • You can remove a datasource by clicking on the delete icon next to the pencil.

Types of datasources

You can notice that some datasources have a green Refresh button just next to the
Last Refreshed date. This is because, we have two types of datasources:

  • Some datasources are fat because they have metadata like in the case of an ad account: campaigns, ad groups, ads…etc. These details can be accessed by clicking on a datasource that has the Refresh button.
    Repozix - metadata in a datasource
  • Other datasources are slim since as you might have guessed, they do not have any metadata associated with them.

Common Questions

Did I just grant you access to my Facebook Ads account?

The answer to this question is of course NO. What we have on the other hand is a permission that will allow Repozix to read some of the data (analytics data) from your account.

Can I add other clients handled by a colleague as datasources?

Yes, this can be done by inviting your colleague to be part of your Repozix account and then, they can add the datasources using their accounts. The added datasources will be shared with everyone in the account.